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02/05/2011 Biomass waste handling - Turn key project

Inside the beast

Sleipner Mechanical A/S is proud to announce that we landed a phase 1 of 2 turn key contract to 
renovate a complete process and sorting line within the biomass handling business. [combustible waste]

The contract includes engineering and design, pre planning and delivery of equipment.
The full scope of the contract also includes database registration of known wear parts, in
our online database. There will be 3rd part control [notifying body] by DNV towards pressure 

The payback time for the complete phase 1 investment, is 32 months. 

After the job is done, our client willl be able to increase its production output with a minimum of 10% in a 24 hour cyclus. 

The costumer is situated in Germany near Dortmund. 

Within months we wil negotiate phase 2 regarding buildup and equipment installation.

Best regards

Sleipner Mechanical A/S