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02/01/2012 Stainless laboratory - Clean room

Cleanroom - laboratory

Sleipner Mechanical AS has delivered two projects for the Dansih Hospital and Health sector.  The projects are performed by subcontract and include everything from design to prefab and installation.

The overall purpose of the jobs, was to separate the clean and sterile department/equipment from the unwashed and contaminated department/equipment. It is safe to say that the risk of unintended transfer of bacteria is significantly reduced, by making this clean room setup. [also mentioned in the Danish Helathcare press] 

Due to the succes of these two projects, Sleipner Mechanical AS is invited to undertake additional 3 similar projects within the Danish Hospital and Health sector. At least one of the upcoming projects will also include a special designed airlock [design and work is already in progress], with chemical cleaning facilities to the personal working in both clean and contaminated areas.

Sleipner Mechanical AS skills within the stainless field, is really coming into use. We are comfortable in designing and manufacturing stainless solutions of very high end quality.