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16/08/2012 Sleipner Mechanical in European Oil and Gas

Going the extra mile - Sleipner Offshore

Going the extra mile – Offshore construction

Sleipner Mechanical AS was in June 2012 interviewed by European Oil and Gas Magazine.
The interview was later on published in the July edition.

We are proud to learn that the knowledge about Sleipner Mechanical AS and our services, by self empowered viral marketing, is able to find its way to the largest publishing magazine towards the European Offshore market. We like to believe that our constant efforts to raise the bar, and our loyal and demanding costumers, ensures that Sleipner Mechanical AS will end up being the preferred supplier of steel related services, within our competences,  towards the European offshore market. 

Only a month after the publishing, we experience a significant interest for Sleipner Mechanical and the skilled interdisciplinary within the company. [Sleipner Mechanical AS an offshore full service supplier]

Follow the link to read our ambitious efforts to be the best of the best mechanical

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