Introducing the company

Piping and process for the northsea

Our comprehensive program for mechanical manufacturing ranges
from job order production of individual parts and manufacturing of
serial parts to high complexity apparatus construction, with
demanding manufacturing technology matched by highest welding requirements. The materials employed range from simple construction steel to highly acid and heat resistant steel, as well as duplex grade, titanium, to non-iron metals and plastics.

Our  staff of technicians will support you with engineering and consulting expertise in construction and dimensioning ranging from installation units to special equipment engineering. Sleipner Mechanical AS also provide turn key projects.

Sleipner Mechanical AS can supply our customers with an all inclusive online part database. We systematize and stockpile your everyday spare parts, and offers the best available prices on the european market.   

You will find a wide range of engineering, supervision and manufacturing options united under one roof.

Yours sincerely

Owner/Mr. Søren Kjeldsen