Massive steelstructure

Punctual and optimal execution of often several challenging project and major task at the same time puts a heavy demand on the organisation structure, internal as well as external - This requires close co-operation between individual experts from different branches of our organisation and network.

Sleipner Mechanical A/S has through the years, and still, placed at lot of effort in making our organisation and network, as flexible, punctual and effective as possible. This ensure that we can enter several projects and just in time deliveryes at the same time, without compromising our HSEQ nor time and terms of delivery.

Our project groups coordinates and handles the tasks and interests of each project and is responsible for the fulfilment of the contractual obligations regarding the quality and observance of the time limit. The group is coordinated by a project manager whose job it is to provide an effective link between the management, the customers  and other external partners.


René Kjær                             Sales and projectmanagement
Originally trained as a stainless smith towards the food and medico industry,
with a subsequent higher education as maritim chief engineer. René is our
technical outgoing salesperson. René combines and links our customers wishes,
ideas and demands, and makes sure to connect the correct competances.
René is our target excecutive chief of sales. He is most likely the first contact
you will experience between your company and Sleipner Mechanical A/S.
René is a happy and outgoing person. René is smart and quick to see and solve
even highly technical challenges in almost all sitiuations.  


Søren Kjeldsen                      CE marking, Risk Assessment, Leadbuy                               
Originally trained as a toolmaker with a subsequent higher education as Production
Engineer and Finance Merkonom - Makes Søren a great capacity as coordinator
of all the companys capabilities.
Søren is the strategist. Søren acts as a catalyst for the company´s continued
positive development. In constant search of new business markets, and client
relations you might meet, write or talk to Søren, as the first Sleipner contact".


Anja Kjeldsen                        Finance, logistics, invoicing and business law                   
Originally trained as a technical assistant with a subsequent higher education as
Merkonom in finance and company management. Anja is our key person when it                            
comes to connecting the dots in our flow of documentation.
Anja is the company's organisator, Anja makes sure that we remember to recive and
collect invoicing, all the related aspects concerning finance Anja deals with on a daily
basis. Anja ensure strict discipline which is an absolute necessity.

In addition Sleipner Mechanical A/S has 15 well educated supervisors and craftsman.
Sleipner Mechanical A/S also has alle necessary equipment for emergency manufactoring
and tasks regarding customized machinebuild and development.