Sleipner Mechanical A/S - Values

Parts f. Heavy loader

Sleipner Mechanical A/S will actively contribute to improving our costumers netto profit earning. We will take part and leadership in preserving western manufacturing jobs, through smart solutions, efficiency and systematization of non-profit costs. Sleipner Mechanical A/S will serve as the independent supplier that in a professionel cooperation and costumer relationsship, assist by streamline and increase the production out-put at any kind of process or manufactoring plant. 

Sleipner Mechanical A/S mission is to be in a continious steady and organic growth. We must preserve our unique competencies and constantly keep up with the latest technologies. We must continue to show and exercise joy and appetite towards technological challenges.

Sleipner Mechanical A/S ambition is to become the best at what we do. We want to spread the knowledge globally towards our company. The main goal is to expose the opportunities that we offer all process and manufactoring companies in the industrialized part of the world. We want to be the dedicated supplier who immediately is contacted when a possible client, goes in consideration of outsourcing of productions facillities, or simply wants to increase its netto profit earnings.


In the hope of a future fruitful cooperation - 

Yours sincerly
Sleipner Mechanical A/S