Quality - Environment - Safety

Installing equipment


The way we think and work
Responsibility is an integral part of the way we run our business to achieve profitable, consistent and sustainable performance.

We rate QHSE highly to ensure the achievement of our objective to be a competitive company with a healthy economy that is attractive to our clients, staff and investors.

Proven high level quality
It is the aim of Sleipner Mechancial A/S to manufacture products and supply services of a quality that in any respect meet industry demands and clients’ expectations for quality and on-time delivery.

We operate strict according to DS/EN ISO 9001:2010, and expect achivement of full certification in 2012.

Our quality management system covers all disciplines undertaken and secures that Sleipner Mechanical A/S – also in the future – is known for good quality and highend serivices.

Health & safety

Safety first
We hold ourselves responsible – Health and safety issues are of paramount importance to Sleipner Mechanical A/S. Therefore, every employee is actively participating in all actions related to the work environment conditions. Our safety management system is operating according to DS/OHSAS 18001:2008, and we do not compromise with our objective of manufacturing products and services in a safe and healthy environment. We always perform "safty work" analysis, in matters of larger scale projects.

Care for the environment

We care for the next generation
At Sleipner Mechanical A/S we have committed ourselves to focus on environmental performance and management. Our environmental management system is designed and operated in accordance with ISO 14001. It is our objective to permanently endeavour to reduce strain on the environment and on resources.

HSE Policy

Our commandments
Sleipner Mechanical A/S gives working environment pride of place and believes that preventive initiatives to prevent injuries at persons as well as material damage is important to obtain a good and appropriate working environment.

Sleipner Mechanical A/S will at any time:

  • Maintain a working environment management system 
  • Fulfil any legal demands concerning working environment
  • Obligate to improve the working environment continuously
  • Try to reduce the number of on-the-job injuries
  • Continuously inform and educate the employees
  • Urge the employees at all levels to consider their working environment actively, to observe / report any “near accident” and accidents as well as contribute to improvements of the working environment
  • Involve working environment matters in any investment decision
  • Make sure that the policy is followed in the entire organisation and that the working environment objectives will be carried out in the best way possible considering the economical limits