Engineering - Sourcing - Manufacturing

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Sleipner Mechanical is able to offer the following:


  • Turnkey solutions in all industrial disciplines
  • Management and supervisning
  • 3D drawing
  • Machinebuild and construction of complexe wear parts
  • Building layout
  • Production optimizing (higher output)
  • Site engineering og supervising
  • Flowcalculation
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic buildup
  • SRO, SCADA and plc buildup through collaboration partner


  • Outsourcing througout europe and asia
  • Insourcing/takeover of customers non profit departments
  • Global procurement of any goods


  • Special equipment
  • All materials
  • Machinebuild
  • Stainless PED piping and processunits
  • Instant industrial service (break down)
  • Shutdown service and inspection
  • Rebuilds and retrofitting
  • Highend finish


  • Food and medico
  • Processplants 
  • Petrochemical and offshore
  • Mining and transport