Getting to know us better


How do I get in touch a representative from Sleipner mechanical A/S
You can either contact us by phone or email.  - All neccessary contact
details is located under the site tab "contact" 

What if I can´t speak the Danish language when I call
Sleipner Mechanical A/S speaks business and technical English as a second

How fast can Sleipner mechanical A/S come and look at a task or project
Depending on the task scale, and without specific preparation, Sleipner
Mechanical A/S can deploy with 
1 hour notice. We use the traveltime to
to prepare and review what is possible. 

What is it that makes the Sleipner Mechanical A / S is so competitive
We outsource everything we assess to be relevant, to low-wage countries.
Mostly tasks that requires many man labour hours wich Sleipner Mechanical A/S
then supervise and
perform finishing, testing and documentation towards.
In most situations we turn to our comprenhensive network, and select the 
best manufactoring option, wether it is outsourcing, high tech machinery or
selfmade manufacturing. 

How is the finish and quality of the equipment Sleipner Mechanical A/S delivers  
We always make sure to customize our finish and quality, according to our internal procedures. 
We take pride in providing equipment with high end finish and in proper quality. 

How soon can I use the part database with my specific product range 
Right away, your account is created and online. As your dynamic database grows you will experience all the benefits the database provides you.  

How fast can Sleipner Mechanical A/S supply spare parts or man powerd solutions 
We have the latest technologies and modern CNC machinery to handle express deliveries and
other unexpected production break down at our costumers.

In addition, we have contracted special arrangements with relevant suppliers of steel and
components, so Sleipner Mechanical A/S is able to be
 served around the clock. Sleipner Mechanical A/S
can therefore initiate any task immediately that it is submitted to us.
In addition we invest all resources to perform a quick and safe delivery. It is not uncommon for tasks accumulating 200 hours is delivered within 24 hours.

How is Sleipner Mechanical A/S as an business partner
As a dedicated supplier we are very thankful for all business brought to our company. We are very much aware that we must make ourselves worthy in being part of our customer's everyday.
We ask the right questions the first time, we are willing to take critical decisions and do not burden our customers with professional issues that we as external experts should be able to resolve on our own.
We are an outgoing and happy company.

Is Sleipner Mechanical A/S, familiar to do business in and outside the EU
Approximately 80% of our revenues come from activities abroad. We know how to deal wih
the local legislation and authorities. 
Our exports are distributed in 11 different countries
Our portfolio is growing by aproxx. one new country per year.

What if Sleipner Mechanical A / S supplies equipment which necessitates adjustment 
We always strive to avoid any errors, we test and carry out Q-control before any shipment.
In the case where a shipment requires our attention due to errors or mishaps, we bring all
resources in action to set things right. No matter where in the world the
 equipment is located.

How do I find accommodation if I need to visit the Sleipner Mechancial A/S
We always help to book a hotel and procure transportation. If your visit requires that you have
a car we also provide a car in the entire period.

How many employees are employed at Sleipner Mechanical A/S
Our basic organization counts 22 employees. When it comes to larger projects, build up or planned shutdown we grow equivalent according to the number of hired personal necessary for carrying out the specific tasks. At times, our organization count up to nearly 100 employees. We employ on a permanent basis around 35 people from our suppliers in low wage countries.

Why should I use the industrial forum on Sleipner Mechanical A/S website
The forum is designed and developed as a professional and closed environment. In the forum you can
post any sort of questions that you wish to undergo a second opinion. Or if you are dealing with an 
mechanical issue, that requires help and ideas from collegues working in other industries.