Collaboration opportunities

Portable water surgedrum - North Sea

Sleipner Mechanical A/S is always interested in expanding our dynamic network. 
We always strive to learn new people and businesses to know. Sleipner Mechanical A/S
network is global. We have contacts in all industrialized parts of the world, These serve
both as suppliers and sales representatives. 

Be a salesrepresentative for Sleipner Mechanical A/S
We are constantly looking for new dealers and freelance sales consultants, to representent Sleipner Mechanical A/S. Are you engaged towards the industrial sector, as an non-competetive actor, you can benefit a door-kicker fee [finders fee] - We have experienced through time that both our business and our business representative, both enjoy a positive and organic developmental business growth directly relating to the combined cooperation.

-We always supply and support our representative with knowledge, marketing material and visits.

Be a supplier to Sleipner Mechanical A/S
We are constantly looking for new and talented vendors. Sleipner Mechancial A/S is working in many different industries. Also industries that are not directly related to the "steel and mechanical sector".
A large part of our business is also trade in manufactured goods, adressed to all industries, within
the B2B market.

Please contact sk(at) - for further action.